The Inn at Windmill Lane

Our mission is to provide a peaceful and relaxed environment for all of our guests.
To this end, each member of our staff is committed to being responsive to helping ensure our guests' quiet enjoyment for a memorable stay.

Our Commitment to Positive Change

We want to encourage change during your visit with us. Positive change - in terms of peaceful rest. The time to read and walk; the time to see the ocean and the hope, that your stay with us in Amagansett will allow you to clear your mind, breathe the sea-air and create memories of a lifetime.

We use the symbol of a tree, created by the artist Dan Rizzie, because, while in one respect trees are permanent, they also reference change. While they grow and become stronger they, like all of us are vulnerable and therefore must change to stay strong and healthy. Trees change their color, shed their leaves and with a sense of renewal start over each year.

These are the values and inspiration that guided us through the building and development of The Inn at Windmill Lane.

We invite you to share the experience with us.